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Fabled land of Western dreams

I definatly remember why I did chose to write down "Morocco" on my Rotary/ESSEX summer student exchange application. The name sounded nice and mysterious, I had no idea were it was or what I'd find I chose it because it was different from Belgium, UK, Japan, France or Brazil (I could of chosen 1 of 20 countries!)

Actually my mother was quite hesitant and verbally expressed this to me, my father simply sighed and hung his head in bewilderment at ths choice. after I had my interview for the exchange and was accepted I began to notice that Morocco wasnt a very obscure nation somewere in (I thought) the Middle East or Africa, but a very famous country that for many people, Americans in particular due to the large amount of hippie trippin '60's songs that featured a sentence or too about how Morocco is a mythical place, a natural drug, and ofcourse the movie Casablanca. And I began to look up all the "basic" info on Morocco, I spent hours in the bookstores sitting on the floor poreing over the "pretty" scenery of the Atlas Mts and the deep vallys and the deserts. I was actually starting to get very into this and wanted to experince it for myself "hey, who wouldnt wanna haggle for a cute, cuddly Camel? MOMMY!"

(I was kidding about the camels....)

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I know I use this picture way to much, but it was taken when I was at JFK right after I came back from my exchange trip to beautiful Al-Qsa Al-Magreb (the farthest west or Morocco) see how tan I am! my host family were serious beach fans and I was dragged there quite often, I now have a fear of sorts of the ocean and swimming in it due to the extremely large waves and the salt in the water.

Also, About this page, all of the Words and place names that are in Moroccan Arabic dialect (or plain arabic) I wrote from my memory and if I spelled any place names incorrectly or a Arabic word incorrectly please forgive my error. (in'shallah)