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The Sekkat's, My Moroccan host family.

Here are a few pictures of the wonderful family that hosted me in Morocco that summer.

The first picture is of my host sister, 2 of my host brothers, there dog, the one sons wife and his baby cousin (I know it is confusing, sorry) and they are standing right in the back of there house.

The second picture is a simple one, it is of my host mother: latifa and my host father: Mohammed in the "entry" area of there home, it is a festival time so latifa is wearing a Kaftan, Normally Latifa wore the mens version of the kaftan around the house because unlike the womens the sleeves are slightly shorter, the whole outfitt is easier to get around in and you dont have to hitch up the skirt with a cumbersome, and uncomfortable embroidered belt.

Moroccand homes and traditions in the home
Come here to know about the typical Moroccan home.

The Sekkats lived in the capitol city of Rabat. many assume that many Moroccans live in the huge walled off and enclosed Medinahs that are in most big cities, no, they built there own house in a nice residential area that is near the downtown.