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Thousand year old walls

Fez is one of the oldest inhabitied cities in Morocco, dating back over 12 hundred years, Fez is Morocco's center of religious learning and the medinah alone is home to over 365 mosques which at the time of prayer ring out with the Muazzine's calls for Faithful Muslims to pray, creating a truely hypnotic sensation.

Also, the Fez Medinah is very large, like a small city enclosed in walls and is hundreds of miles long, the "new City" surrounds the Medinah and is home to hundreds of cafe's, boutiques (Levi's, United Colours of Benniton are the most popular)

This picture was taken inside the Fez Suq's which are in the Fez Medinah.

A Medinah is a large enclosed city of sorts that traditionally all Moroccans lived in until the French took over Morocco for a number of decades, and a Suq is basicly an enclosed market that is in a section of the Medinah.

View from a hotel overlooking part of the large Fez Medinah. Fez is in a valley in the Atlas Mountains and due to it being in a valley is quite hot and stuffy. Fez is sectioned into the "new city" (built by the French around the ancient medinah) and the old medinah.

This picture is another view of the fez medinah, but it shows the outter areas and the extremely ancient walls.