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Hypnotic Nights in Marrakech

On of the most popular tourist desinations in Morocco is fabulous Marrakech! This ancient city, on the edge of the desert (Sahara) is a vibrantly unique, pulsing, alive city that is infectious with energy.

No wonder this was popular with Hippies! This city is also one of the most heavey traveled city in morocco and most travelers go to Marrakech during there travels.

I went to Marrakech in the middle of July, bad idea! we drove into the downtown at about noon and the city was deserted of almost all Moroccans and native marrakechi's, the tourists were wandering around in the extreme, hallucinagenic heat of midday, marrakech simmers in the mid-summer. this is why most moroccans visit Marrakech and the south in winter while its a nice warm temperature not sizzling in the sun!

This picture is just a view of the downtown, near the medinah. Marrakech looks like how you would invision a Moroccan city to look!

This is a postcard of two views of Marrakech at night. The top one is of the skyline of Marrakech with the view of a famous old mosque in the background.

The bottom is of the Djeema 'el fna at night, the Djeem 'el Fna is like a wild circus almost of acrobates, beggers, vendors, peddlers, snake charmers, everything! The djeema basicly means "the gathering place" and is infront of the Marrakech madinah's Suq's. The best time to go to the Djeema is at night, that is when it comes alive, and is pulsing with energy!