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Immaculate Capitol

The city that I spend most of my days in was the capitol of Morocco, the city of Rabat.

Rabat unlike most Moroccan cities is very clean and immaculate compared to, lets say, Fez or Marrakech which has centuries of filth in the streets.

Also, Rabat's downtown looks very European, not at all like your typical Moroccan city, this is because whne the French ruled Morocco they made the capitol of colonial Morocco, Rabat and hence the architecture reflects the french occupation.

Moroccans are very nationalistic and are in love with there country, these people make Patriotic Americans look bad! The national flag (red background with a green star in the center) is put everywhere and in multiples and huge portraites of the king, Hassan 2 is placed everywhere, in some Hassan in in a business suit in others in a traditional Djelleba and fez.

Rabat is actually 2 cities seperated by the River Bou Regreg (The Father of Reflection river) one one side is the "big" city of Rabat, and across the river is Sale, Rabat's sister city, Sale is rather quite and more relaxed and traditional.

This postcard I have of the Tour Hassan, this monument was originally supposed to be a HUGE mosque which overlooks the river Bou Regreg across to Sale.

This picture was taken from the Tour Hassan. It is of the bridge that is across the River Bou Regreg across to the city of Sale.

This picture is of the downtown, notice the white, European inspired buildings and the flags flying everywhere. Infact, all buildings in the north of Morocco is a whitish color, but the nuildings in the southern area of Morocco is a reddish color (mimic the Sahara).