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Worldly   links   to   disturb   you.

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I hope you have learned about beautiful Morocco! I do hope to add more of my pictures as time goes one.

And I am a editor of a e-mail zine, called "Hana"(Japanese for Flower), This zine is geared towards young adults and teenagers of all races and ethnicities, this zine will be different then the "fashion" magazines and include real, viable stories and reviews. If you wish to receive a issue (The premier issue will be out at the beginning of the new year) please email me at If you wanna submite a articale or wish to host a column, or both! simply email me at the above address.

~~~Enjoy the links~~~

My friends personal homepages

Brahim's webpage
This guy is a Moroccan who went to Texas with Rotary a few years ago.
Wystaria's Digital Sanctuary
Wystaria (A friend of mine)

Commercial Links to inspire you

Hues magazine
A young women's magazine stressing ethnicity and multiculturalism and love of one's self
Teen Voices
A teenage women's magazine, like Hues
Ring world
Fantasticly huge assortment or web rings!
Club/Raver/Goth clothing shop.
Huma's homepage
Huma's web page, alot of info!